Local ISIS & Zahran Plotted to Kill Ex-Muslims in Sri Lanka

During the last few days, intelligent officers visited my home three times and finally they informed me about a plan made by Zahran Hasheem to kill me. They requested me to be present at their head office. They provided me the details they obtained through interrogation from arrested ISIS suspects. 

I have been presenting constructive criticism about Islam and have been questioning the beliefs of Islam since 2014 through my Facebook account. Local ISIS and its leader Zahran had followed my Facebook posts. Zahran used to call me a pig. Even though the terrorists tried to find me and my whereabouts, they couldn’t succeed.

I was engaged in arranging a protest related to Darun Nusra orphanage sexual abuse case in front of Women’s And Child Affairs Ministry on August 6th, 2018. I had shared a poster regarding the protest on 26th July in my Facebook. (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10217321040161160&set ) After seeing the poster, Zahran had ordered “kill the pig” and had sent four local ISIS terrorists in two motorbikes to the place of protest.

Intelligence officers informed me and Sharmila Seyyid individually of the threat to our lives upon information gathered via the interrogation of terrorism suspects in their custody.

The four terrosist suspects send by Zahran to kill me were Hayathu Mohamed ahamed Milhan, Mohamed Shareef Adam Lebbe alias Gafoor Mama, Ibrahim Mohamed Sadiq Abdullah Haq and Husainul Risvi Khalid. Milhan was said to be a leader of the armed wing of National Thowheed Jamaath and he was the man behind the planned second attack. He has also been identified as the person responsible for the killing of two constables on duty at Vavunathivu on November 30, 2018. ( https://www.newsfirst.lk/2018/12/02/the-two-police-officers-killed-in-vavunathivu-laid-to-rest/ ) He is also alleged to have been involved in the attempted murder of Thasleem, one of the co-ordinating secretaries of Minister Kabir Hashim in Mawanella on March 9 for cooperating with Police in their investigation about the destruction on Buddha statues in Mawanella. ( https://www.bbc.com/news/stories-48435902 ) Gafoor Mama is alleged to have been involved in the killing of Policemen in Vavunathivu and the shooting of Thasleem. Sadiq Abdullah Haq is alleged to have been the mastermind behind the destruction of Buddha statues in Mawanella area and Khalid is from Mattakkuliya. Milhan was arrested in Saudi Arabia and the other three are currently in the custody of Sri Lankan security authorities.

Once the protest was over, I and my co-activists left in vehicles to Sharmila Seyyid’s Mantra Life Center for Tea, and then the terrorist suspects had followed us in two motor bikes. We spend around an hour discussing various maters at Mantra Life Center. Milhan and Khalid had entered in to Mantra Life Center to see why I was not coming out. While I was tying my shoe lace to leave the place, I saw two individuals talking to Sharmila, but I didn’t pay attention towards them. Once they left, Sharmila expressed some short of displeasure.
They had inquired her about buying Turmeric powder by saying that their sister was using Mantra Life products. They had requested one kilogram packet. Sharmila had doubt on them as Mantra Life sold 50g & 200g packets only. Sharmila and me had no clue of those two guys at that time.

While leaving Mantra, Milhan had told Khalid that the lady was Sharmila Seyyid, an ex-Muslim and she was in their list to be killed.

We left Mantra and my friends dropped me at a bus stop. They had followed me in the motorbikes and Sadiq Abdullah Haq and Milhan had got in to the bus and they had stationed front and behind me. The other two had followed the bus in the bikes. I got down the bus and walked a little and went in to one of my relative’s house. The four had followed me up to the gate of the house and left the place after marking the house, assuming that was my house. The officers informed me that the assassins failed to execute their plan to kill me as they were unable to find me in isolation during that day. They wanted to execute their plan without leaving any trace about their existence, similar to the way they did in the killing of policemen in Vavunathivu and in the shooting of Thasleem in Mawanella. They had failed to find me again since they marked a wrong house as mine. Once I informed the incident to the relative, he told me about an incident that took place during that time, a suspicious person wearing helmet and holding a parcel in the hand had forcefully tried to enter his house. The person is later identified as Milhan.

I have written the above from the details received from the intelligence Officers & from my memories of the day. I confirmed one particular incident mentioned here with Sharmila Seyyid.

- Rishvin Ismath